Wine Dinners at The Petersham

Join us for our monthly Wine Dinner Events curated by wine experts from the Petersham Cellar alongside a paired food menu curated by Head Chef and his team. You will enjoy an evening of fine wine, and a table with exceptional food in our private dining room at The Petersham in Covent Garden.

Every menu will highlight the season and Haye farm’s seasonal produce. Discover the rich traditions of each country winemaking and how the climates and soils shape the characteristics of each wine.  


Thursday 18th July 2024 from 7pm – 10pm

Explore the “Mediterranean Islands” – Sardinia, Sicily, Santorini, and Corsica. Each island offers distinct wines, deeply influenced by their unique terroirs of sun, sea, and grapes.


Thursday 15th August 2024, from 7pm – 10pm

Enjoy an evening in the “Italian Mountains: Gems from the Alps,” as we honour the fine wines of the Alpine regions of Italy. These wines are renowned for their complexity and elegance, which are influenced by the chilly but sunny weather and mineral-rich soils.


Tuesday 17th September 2024, from 7pm – 10pm

Join us for “Tuscan Sunny Coast: Forging Masterpieces,” an event celebrating the tastes of Tuscany’s sunlit coast. Indulge in a series of dishes crafted by Head Chef Lorenzo Gagliardi to compliment these coastal wines, enhancing their luscious fruit notes and unique mineral elegance. Discover how innovative winemaking techniques that transform this young soils into a world-class offerings.